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Why real time accounting?

In August 2010, after growing frustrated with traditional accounting systems and tools that proved ineffective in meeting the unique needs of our customers…

We began the search for more effective ways to service our customers and this lead to our rebirth in May 2011 as we became the FIRST certified Xero advisors in South Africa.

This means we can now offer you an entirely different level of service, take a look for yourself...

  old time accounting real time accounting
Services Business Advisory – huh? Business Advisory - Offered in-house
  Wealth Management – whats that? Wealth Management - Offered in-house
  2-Monthly or Annual Daily , Weekly, Monthly, Annual
  Mostly Compliance Compliance & Value
  One size fits all Customized
Software Developed For Accountants Developed for Business Owners
  SA Only International Award Winning
  Only on a PC On PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet
  Costly integrations – if at all Easy, cost effective, award winning Add Ons
  Limited access Access from Anywhere, Anytime
  Manual Automatic functionality
  Servers and back ups required No servers, no downtime, no back ups
Fees Client carries the Risk Accountant carries the Risk
  Billed Per Hour Billed for Value Added
  Set after a Job Set before the Job
  Uncertain Certain
  Set by Accountant Set by Business Owner
  Rely on Accountants effeciency Rely on businesses needs

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