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About Us

Our mission is to assist business owners in creating Wealth to enable them to meet the needs of all stakeholders…focusing on employees, shareholders and families…

Which means they're able to invest their knowledge and resources in sustainable solutions to communities in need.

With less than 4% of SA contributing 38% of the national tax bill, SA Small Business Owners hold the economic future of SA in their hands.

This responsibility can leave most Business Owners, feeling isolated and uncertain as to where to place their next step… we're here to turn the lights on!

We'll give you more value…

The fact that technology can decrease the amount of “grunt work” required by an Accountant seems to be ignored by most in the Accounting Industry who seem fearful of adopting any changes that may lead to a decrease in their sacred cow - Billable Hours. This often is in direct opposition with the needs of the customers.

With many questioning whether any value is added by an accountant in an SME environment, we decided to be the first to follow what many in the international accounting industry believe to be the future of accounting for SME’s, and began offering our customers packages designed to ensure a Unique Value Proposition.

About real time accounting

Our business started back in 2004 as a traditional Accounting Practice but in August 2010, after growing frustrated with traditional accounting systems and tools that proved ineffective in meeting the Unique needs of our SME customers, we began the search for more effective ways to service our customers and this lead to our rebirth in May 2011 as we became the First Certified Xero Advisors in South Africa.

During 2016 Pierre Dixon CA(SA) and Fanie Meades CA(SA), CFA joined the business as directors and new owners leading to a new exciting journey for the firm. real time accounting is now not only focussed in providing the best accounting offering available, but also offers a comprehensive service offering for all entrepreneurs and SME’s including Corporate Advisory and Wealth Management.

As SAICA and SAIPA registered Accountants and Tax Practitioners, we remain committed to foundation accounting principles while at the same time ensuring that the latest technology is embraced to provide accurate, understandable and real-time information to all users.

Sound like you?

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