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Small Businesses and Start Ups

(<R1 million)

Starting anything new can be challenging, but with the right preparation & planning there is more chance of success, after all… people don’t plan to fail most just fail to plan!

Having assisted hundreds of new business owners with the set up of their New Companies we know what companies do wrong when they start and we can help you avoid the same mistakes.

What's the first mistake made by most start ups?

Answer: “Failure to implement accurate record keeping systems and ignoring tax compliance”. Many think that it can wait until the business is profitable!"

However, it can’t wait, and we can assist you in getting set up correctly with your tax, accounting, payroll and bookkeeping obligations, including:

  • Tax Registrations: Registering your Business for Tax, Vat, Paye, Uif, Coid
  • Bookkeeping Systems: Setting up your Invoicing and financial controls
  • Tax Obligations: Planning your tax commitments in advance
  • Business Development: Providing bench marks to measure your progress

With all the uncertainties a Start Up faces, at least we can remove a few of them and set you on the right path for business success and, with our fixed monthly pricing model, you can be assured of no costly surprises! Talk to us today.

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