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Growing & Larger Businesses

(R1 – R50 Million turnover)

Do you have more or less time with your family? Is your business meeting the expectations you had when you started?

Michael E. Gerber says, “Most Business Owners are Technicians Suffering from Entrepreneurial seizure”.

This means that most business owners “know how to do what they do”, but don’t know how to manage or grow a business which is a very different skill.

Business owners spend most of their time working IN their business and not ON their business.

This means the often hoped for growth results in less free time, less cash flow and more pressure.

By focusing on companies of this size, we know the existing, current and future issues you’re business will face and can partner with you to help realize your goals.

Corporate Advisory - we have the expertise to analyse, enhance and optimise your business via our Wealth Enhancement Accelerator methodology.

We can implement and/or improve your tax, accounting, payroll and bookkeeping systems, including:

  • Cloud Software - “Plug-Ins” to develop and improve efficiency & effectiveness
  • Tax - Risk mitigation
  • Growth - Budgeting, Business model review and development
  • Reporting - Month end procedures and financial analysis

Remember: Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash Flow is reality!

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