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Like most South African businesses your accountant is most likely not your go-to person for regular business advice...

Why not? Because your accountant insists on using software that does not suit you, they’re disconnected from what's really happening in your business & their fee structure leaves you wondering “how much?”, each time you need support! Read more >

Small Business or Startup?

Starting anything new can be challenging, but with the right preparation & planning there is more chance of success, after all… people don’t plan to fail most just fail to plan! Read more >

Growing or Larger Business?

Often growth results in less free time, less cash flow and more pressure. We understand the issues you face and can partner with you to help realize your goals. Read more >

Accountant moving to the Cloud?

We began the search for more effective ways to service our customers which lead us to become the FIRST certified Xero advisors in South Africa. We can help you make the move. Read more >

Being an online business we like to have our financial information at our fingertips.

Using the services of real time accounting in conjunction with Xero gives us. No doubt this is the future of accounting for small to medium sized businesses.

Andy Higgins Managing Director,
Co-founder Bid or

rta is the most progressive, customer service oriented and accountable firm that I have worked with in years

Lynne Scully Founder Scully Scooters

Xero is the perfect solution for SME’s who until now, have had little to choose from

Richard Dewing Founder and CEO Cibecs

real time accounting has been our trusted advisor for 10 years

Tina Muwanga Director TMA Architects

Using real time accounting has ensured that the financial side of our business is handled efficiently and responsibly.

Xero has given us the freedom to manage our finances from anywhere at any time making it the perfect online accounting solution

Wesley Lynch Chairman, Realm Digital